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JB Systems, LLC

409 Main St, Suite 1, 54701 (715) 830.9375

Frankly, More than a Web Company

Frank (frăngk) adj. 1. Open and sincere in expression; straightforward.

From the desk of JB…

JB Systems is quite a unique company. We set ourselves apart in many ways – first and foremost, being a customer service company that just happens to do creative design work and website development. We take pride in being one of the most innovative, flexible, reachable, and down-to-earth web development agencies in the area. Frankly, we do our best each day to make the web simple.

As a systems architect, I like to tell people that JB Systems is guided by a different philosophy than other design firms. We create custom solutions for people, not templates. We make websites just as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, filled with technology and features that out-do other websites in the marketplace. We set the standards higher, raise the bar further, and push ourselves to innovate for our clients. On top of it all, our websites include a deep dynamic core of technology that allows them to simply do more on the web than most.

At a young age, I learned to work…hard. That work ethic has carried JB Systems to becoming one of the largest creative marketing and web development companies in the area. I am passionate about the web, love the possibilities it provides, and am always amazed at what we can do with this ever-changing technology.

If you have the right team, the Internet is an open canvas where anything imagined can be designed, engineered, and created. I invite you (and your imagination) to give us a call and experience what our company can do for you. Welcome to JB Systems.

Why Choose Us

Gerald Bauer, Web Developer and Owner of JB Systems. Website Design Eau Claire.
JB Systems owner Gerald Bauer, web developer in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Passion, Dedication, and a Lot of Coffee

More than 20 years ago, Gerald (Jerry) Bauer, owner of JB Systems, started out with one idea in mind: to bring all that is awesome on the web to anyone who would listen; to make the web accessible, simple, fun, and useful.

Today, that idea is still present, and you can see it every day at JB Systems. We are constantly looking to what's new, and exploring what can be done on the web that never could be done before. The possibilities are endless, which is why we keep saying "yes."

JB Systems is a small team – we have experienced designers, developers, and marketers who are passionate about the web. While we continue to grow and are always looking for talented people to join us, our goal is not to be the largest, but to be the best at what we do.

Our History

JB Systems was started by Jerry Bauer in 2001 as a student at Memorial High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Inspired by a trip to NexTech's National Summit of Young Technology Leaders and meeting technology experts such as Nicholas M Donofrio (V.P. of IBM Corp), Steve Case (CEO of America Online), and Tim Berners-Lee (Founder of HTML and the World Wide Web [CERN Laboratories]), Jerry returned with the mission of creating the best website design firm in the area.

Beginning with family friends and small startups, JB Systems soon became a popular choice for website design. His dedication to friendly customer support, continued technology and web-based education, and superior design skills paid off.

JB Systems Conference Room - Where our website designs, strategies, and creative thinking take place.

Today, JB Systems is located at 409 Main St Suite 1 in Eau Claire, WI. With ten employees and a client base of over 200 companies, JB Systems has become the area's number one choice for website development, website hosting, search engine optimization, and graphic design.

We have more than 35 years of combined experience in the industry, giving us the know-how & tools to take your project to the next level.

Community Involvement

At JB Systems, we've always believed that our success is directly tied to the success of our community, the businesses here, and the people we work with every day. That's why we make it a point to stay involved in community organizations and try to share our expertise wherever and whenever we can.

Organizations we're involved with:

  • Downtown Eau Claire, Inc.
  • Eau Claire Jazz, Inc.
  • Chippewa Valley Theater Guild
  • Hope Gospel Mission