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JB Systems, LLC

409 Main St, Suite 1, 54701 (715) 830.9375

From Planning Your Custom Built Website to Execution, We'll Walk You Through the Entire Development Process.

We work with you to take your vision & create it into a crafted website your clients will thank you for. It's what we live to do. Take a walk through our web development process and see how simple the web can be.

Not sure where to start with your website? Not sure what to expect?

Building a website is a joint effort between you – the client – and our team. Our process makes creating a new website or redesigning your existing site fun and (relatively) painless. Here's what you can expect.


This is our first meeting to kick off your website project and our chance to learn about your business. We'll ask the questions and do a lot of listening so we know exactly what you're looking for.


Our designers take your goals, ideas, and requirements and combine them with research about your industry and others to put together your website prototypes.


Once you've chosen your design, your site is put in the hands of our pixel magicians, or CSS experts to build your working website using XHTML, PHP, advanced CSS, Javascript, and other web technologies to create your site. Creativity doesn't just happen in the design phase. This is where the real magic happens.


The content is written, the pages are built, and design is laid out – now it's time to take your first look! You'll meet with our team again to go through the site, page by page, and look at the nearly-finished site. We'll probably still have a few items to finish up, and you may want to see some final changes, but it won't be long now till your site is live!


Final checks and testing take place before we launch your site to ensure that it looks and functions the same in multiple browsers.

Are We Done Yet?

Well, quite frankly, we're never done! At JB Systems, we know that there's more to a website than just creating it and putting it out there. It needs to be found. It needs to be marketed to the right audience. It needs to drive your business.

Our follow-up programs are unmatched in the web design industry. From marketing to maintenance, from social media to search engine optimization, our programs are here to get your website headed in the right direction.

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