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JB Systems, LLC

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Logistics Solutions

Tackling the web's biggest challenges.

When it comes to managing your business data – customers, sales, orders, invoices, inventory, schedules, etc. – it can be a complex process to make sure it's accessible when and where you need it, accurate so that you can use it to make decisions, and stored securely.

If you're in need of a simpler solution to manage your business data – one that doesn't require a large IT department, and doesn't need hours of your precious time for training, see what our Logistics Solutions can do for you. At JB Systems, we make the web simple.

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Creating tools to help power your business

Database Programming

We're just guessing here, but we think it's safe to say that the solutions you've been presented with in the past didn't live up to your expectations. Either they were overkill for what you needed, too costly for what you wanted to use it for, or were too much hassle to customize to make it work the way you needed. Are we close?

The best part about a database application created with JB Systems is it's customized just for you, but programmed to be flexible and able to grow with your business. Once we've identified exactly what your system needs to do, our programming team goes to work building your web-based tool.

Site Planning / Architecture

Our data architects learn as much as they can about your business through a series of meetings, many on-site at your location. This helps us to see first-hand what you're trying to accomplish on a daily basis. By seeing your business in action, we can come up with useful ideas to transform the way you collect, manage, and store your business data. During site planning and architecture, we go through all of the steps of what your system needs to do, and lay out the plans for your system.

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