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JB Systems, LLC

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Online Marketing

Because sticking a billboard in the middle of a corn field is not effective marketing.

Your website is the hub of your marketing world. You direct people to it through advertising. You use it as a resource for customers. It's a tool for you to manage your business.

It's a common fact that just having a website presence doesn't necessarily guarantee success. In fact, developing the website is only half of our job. JB Systems works with you to brainstorm creative ideas and effective tactics to incorporate into your marketing.


Web Content Writing

You know your business better than anyone. But, when it comes to writing about it for your website? Well, that's a different story. Our web development team includes content writing experts to help write your website content. We'll create meaningful content with your goals – and the needs of your customers – in mind. Our writers can also help write content for other marketing pieces, both online and offline, such as brochures, booklets, videos, blogs, advertising, and more.

Content Writing

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge component to any website project. JB Systems incorporates "light" SEO strategies into each of our projects. Simple titles, meta tags, and keywords is where we start.

The industry has become filled with "self proclaimed" SEO experts, claiming they can guarantee first page placements for a healthy one-time fee. So what's wrong with that?

First – you should never accept any "guarantee" as the search engine companies – and they alone – have they authority to dictate your rank. Unless the SEO firm works for a search engine company, it doesn't leave them in a position to guarantee anything.

For our clients interested in Advanced SEO, we offer SEO+. This comprehensive monthly program encompasses over 50 SEO techniques and is the most advanced program offered locally.

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Increase your online presence

E-mail Marketing

Do you have a message you'd like to send to thousands of people? Have you tried sending an electronic newsletter?

JB Systems can coordinate and design mass e-mails for your business to provide your customers that rapid dose of information that only e-mail can provide. We use of INC 5000's fastest growing companies in the U.S. to provide our mass e-mail services and can easily incorporate their signup forms on your website, design your message to match the branding of your website, and more.

In addition, each message that is sent out can be tied to your Google Analytics account – which in turn can provide you with enhanced statistics about visitors to your site from the campaign, as well as who they were, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on your website and more.

This is some of the most cost-effective ways to market – so give us a call and see how we can help you reach your client base more efficiently.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

To compliment our SEO efforts, we also offer Managed Solutions for Google AdWords. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is another method of promoting your website and driving traffic. Attention to detail must be maintained, however, as choosing the wrong keywords can not only attract customers that may not be interested in your product or service, but those wasted clicks can add up to a fortune!

For a monthly fee, JB Systems can maintain your Google AdWords accounts and provide consultation each month on keywords, bid amounts, and territories for your ads. We compile and e-mail you your AdWords statistics monthly – so you can see where all of your new traffic is coming from.

Online marketing is more about educating your customers than giving them a sales pitch.

Maintenance +

You've asked – and we've listened

Through attentive listening along with close relationships with our customers, we’ve come to realize most people want more out of their website – all without getting charged every time a word changes.

Our Maintenance + Program gives you up to two hours each month to make changes to your site. Use this time for new promotional banners, adding news or events to your site, changing images for the season, or other content update ideas that fit your business. One monthly fee, half price maintenance work. Sounds pretty great, right?

The Maintenance + Program includes:

  • Updates to all text on your website
  • Updates to photos and graphical elements on your website
  • Updates to links (both to pages in your site and to external sites)
  • Updates to documents (PDF documents, word documents, spreadsheets)
  • Annual Website Review

*Program excludes new pages, new design elements, and any database programming

**Minimum 12 month contract required

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Add Graphic from Flyer!!!

Annual Website Reviews

Taking some time to review your website each year is a great way to make sure it's still meeting your business and marketing goals. Our entire staff meets beforehand to discuss the overall performance of your website and how it could be improved. We discuss recommendations for your site from graphic design, search engine optimization, marketing, and programming and share the enhancements with you at our meeting. We'll also go through your website analytics and help you understand the traffic that your site is getting.

Website Analytics

JB Systems uses Google Analytics on all of the sites we build to track your website traffic. Google Analytics gives you a wealth of information about your site, including:

  • How many unique visitors came to your site
  • What cities, states, countries visitors are coming from
  • How long visitors stay on average
  • What websites visitors came from
  • What pages of your website were viewed
  • And more…

For our clients who subscribe to our SEO+ program, we'll go through these statistics with you each quarter to more closely track traffic and make better informed decisions regarding future marketing or website development.