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Video / Motion Graphics

Accomplish what text on paper can't in seconds.

The Post House video production

Get your message across in a way that text on paper can't.

JB Systems is a leading website development team who understands the web is an infinite wealth of information. We also understand that – with today's busy schedules – it can take a lifetime to read it all. This is why video has become such a user-friendly option on the web.

The Post House has over 20 years of video production experience creating effective, memorable videos for businesses. The collaboration of web and video under one roof opens up more opportunities to promote your brand, engage your website visitors, and capture their interest and attention.

Why Video?

Marketing budgets have never been tighter, and marketing dollars have never been more valuable, than they are today. There are hundreds of ways to spend that money, the real question is: What is most effective?

With video, you can use the same content in a variety of ways without additional production costs

The Post House Video Production
Don Byrne - Owner of the PostHouse

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Video Hosting

JB Systems offers the most advanced video hosting platform in the area, using the Amazon network to deliver streaming video directly to your website. JB Systems video hosting also gives you a custom video player, faster load times, and a mobile friendly way for your customers to watch video.

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