JB Systems owner is selected as a board member for the Eau Claire Area EDC

JB Systems owner is selected as a board member for the Eau Claire Area EDC

At JB Systems, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the Eau Claire community. It’s been a great place to grow our business, and we want to continue making this a great town for more local businesses and entrepreneurs. We’re excited to have even more of an opportunity to help businesses in the Chippewa Valley!

At the end of January, Jerry Bauer, owner and founder of JB Systems, LLC, was selected as the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) newest board member. Jerry will work with the board to offer free resources to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Chippewa Valley. With these resources, the Eau Claire Area EDC hopes to “innovate, develop, expand, or locate the communities of Altoona, Augusta, Eau Claire, Fairchild, and Fall Creek,” by providing new career opportunities.

For Jerry, being selected as an Eau Claire Area EDC board member is an honor. “There are a lot of community-oriented professionals and business owners that make up this board and it’s pretty humbling to be invited,” he says. “The EDC has been a client of JB Systems for many years and I’m excited to be more involved in helping them carry out their mission.”

That mission is to continue growing the economy of the Chippewa Valley by creating business and job growth. Bauer and the EDC are positioned to do just that by contributing their own experiences as business owners and community leaders to help others form new businesses and careers across the valley.

Luke Hanson, Executive Director of the EDC, thinks Bauer will be an asset to the Eau Claire EDC. “Jerry’s enthusiasm and avocation of the Eau Claire area community made him an obvious choice for the EDC Board. His experience as a local entrepreneur is valued by both our organization as we continue to strengthen our local entrepreneurs and startups, as well as the individuals he has worked with through EDC initiatives like the Idea Challenge and Startup Weekend,” says Hanson. “His consistent support of our local entrepreneurship and business in the Eau Claire area helps our community advance our economy by providing resources and experience to further their businesses.”

Jerry attended his first board meeting at the end of January. He is excited to get to work, and he has already identified goals he’d like to help the Eau Claire Area EDC reach. “I hope to work with the board and a couple of prominent members to tackle major issues, such as healthcare costs in the Chippewa Valley and the skills gap with employee talent,” Jerry says. “Both are issues that seem to affect all industries, and it seems like a good area to focus some of our efforts.”

We believe in maintaining a strong, supportive internal culture, and we believe in sharing that same culture with the greater Eau Claire community. We can’t wait to see what this partnership between JB Systems and the Eau Claire Area EDC brings!

For more information about Jerry’s board appointment, please contact Erin Stevens at 920.931.5976 or erins@jbsystemsllc.com.