This Halloween, Don’t Be Scared By So-Called “Digital Experts.”

As web development professionals, clients often seek our guidance when solicited with digital marketing and web design services that seem too good to be true. Businesses are promised packages that deliver first page search engine results, pay per click campaigns generating massive ROI and more social media “likes and shares” than they can dream of. You name it, the list of promises goes on and on.

Let the web experts at JB Systems help you conquer your fears of the digital marketing world.Let’s be honest, although technology plays a crucial role in our lives, it can be intimidating. If you’re running a business, you often don’t have time to be on top of “the next big thing” each time it rolls around. You trust your vendors and partners to provide you with honest direction and to understand the role technology plays in your business. Perhaps you’ve been pitched marketing packages by fast talking, high pressures sales folks signaling doomsday if you don’t sign up for their digital services. We have seen (and been told about) several examples of these partnerships going awry. After the contract is signed, you’re unable to cancel, continue to be billed for months and can’t get a hold of anyone in customer service. Not cool.

At JB Systems, we prefer to do business a bit different; entirely different, in fact. Our commitment to our clients means we’re always available to offer advice on what web, marketing and other digital services might be the best fit for your business. Additionally, our proposals are always transparent, straightforward, and easy to understand so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Give us a call and setup an appointment for a complimentary website review and/or to discuss any of our services. We won’t lock you into a multi-year contract, highjack your domain or send you invoices for additional services you didn’t agree to. It’s all part of our promise at #TeamJB to make the web simple.

Did You Know? JB Systems Offers The Following Services:

• Monthly SEO Programs
• Pay-Per-Click & Ad Remarketing Services
• Content Strategy/Preparation with Emphasis On SEO Analysis/Mapping
• Photography
• Video
• Email Campaign & Drip Messaging
• Social Media Management
• Website Maintenance Programs
• Print Collateral & Marketing Materials
• …and course, website design, development, training and more!

We’re proud of our 15 years of business and the hard-working foundation to which our company is built on. We thank you for your business and hope to continue to partner with you as “we’re never done.” Please click here for any additional questions on how we may be of service to you.


grahmn-bwHello! My name is Graham Barnes, the newest addition to the team here at JB Systems. I have over 13 years of experience in creative media, including content development, writing, design and branding. I am extremely excited to apply these passions to JB Systems in my role as Project Manager, and look forward to working with all our clients, both existing and new. First item of business, update the blog. So here goes…

Undoubtedly my friends and family will have a lot of questions for me about my new position in the upcoming days. Two such questions will certainly dominate discussion, the first being “what do you do?” In a nutshell, if you’re a client of JB Systems, I’ll be your rock star; the one who ensures our promises are delivered. You’re probably bursting with ideas and we’d love to hear all of them. From design to content, I’ll ensure your project stays on track with the right people at JB Systems as we bring it to life. Have a question about altering your design? I’m your man. Thinking about changing some text? Look no further. I’ll see to it that all your questions are answered in a thorough and efficient (more…)