JB Systems—Investing in Our Team so We Can Invest in You

JB Systems—Investing in Our Team so We Can Invest in You

At JB Systems, we’re constantly working in overdrive to create the best custom websites that we can for our clients. Whether it’s researching the latest design trends or developing web solutions to make visitor experience extraordinary, our team doesn’t stop at “good enough.”

This drive to always improve leads us to being very goal-oriented. While we all have individual goals, JB Systems always has goals that we work toward as a team. Although we work hard day in and day out, we also take time to celebrate when we reach these goals as a team.

This is exactly what we did back in June, when we closed the office for the day and took to Lake Pepin for a day of sailing. The JB Systems team broke out into two smaller groups and learned how to sail. We also learned that teamwork and solid communication are crucial in order to have a successful sailing expedition.

“It was a good lesson in understanding the different ways people communicate,” says Graham Barnes, our Project Manager. “It was great for everyone to shift roles within the team and discover new perspectives about the people they work with.”

Owner and President Jerry Bauer notes the similarities between sailing and business, and how crucial it is to have solid teamwork and fluid communication in both sailing and business. “Successful businesses are flexible and adaptive to the needs of their clients,” Jerry says. Much like the weather conditions can change when sailing, the website industry is also constantly changing, and so it’s up to us as a team to stay on our toes and communicate with each other.

Taking time to appreciate a job well done is important for our team to stay fresh. Initiatives like our sailing day will result in one of the most cohesive, innovative and trustworthy teams that can be built, and it will lead us to create some of the greatest projects we can for our clients.

With the open water, beautiful sunshine, and great company, we all had a fantastic time! Now we’re all hard at work, and we look forward to showing you what the JB Systems team creates next!

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