jQuery In Action – Part Two

rainmasterIn our quest of unveiling new technologies, this time around using jQuery- we’d like to steer to you RainMaster Lawn Systems. The use of a new jQuery library allowed us to add some PIZAZZ to their customer testimonials page.

Notice how the testimonials take precedence over everything once you click the “View Testimonials” button. Convenient “left” and “right” arrows allow you to “step through” the different images (way cool hand-written testimonials).

You can view this in action HERE

jQuery in Action

jquery-logoFor our blog submission this week, I’d like to spend a moment on jQuery. This newest addition to our arsenal of website development tools allows for some nice interactivity for our clients’ websites and their prospective visitors.

jQuery – the “Write Less – Do More” JavaScript library – is a lightweight (very condensed code) set of tools allowing us to add animation, fluid movement, and special effects to our websites – giving our websites that ‘POP’ that so many websites often lack.

What Does This Mean For You – Your Website?

Since JB Systems follows no set framework, our websites are free to use virtually ANY technology that is readily available.
Our websites can take advantage of these new tools and can WOW potential visitors (and hopefully customers) – instilling in them a feeling that your company is technologically savvy because the website is so different.

Look for upcoming announcements about new websites including jQuery features.

Learn more about jQuery HERE

JB Systems / Post House – Online Marketing Team

JB Systems is pleased to announce our partnership with Don Byrne and his company “The Post House“.
As an avid video professional, who’s been doing commercial video work for over 20 years, Don Byrne was our first choice in helping us get customer videos online.

The web is a fantastic place to show video. As a joint venture, JB Systems and The Post House have invested in a dedicated online video server – allowing a separate machine to handle our video files and thus offering more speed and bandwidth for their delivery on your next website. Check back soon for special packages good through December 31, 2009 with valuable savings on website and video projects.

To learn more about JB Systems and The Post House, see our video below:

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