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JB Systems is pleased to announce our partnership with Don Byrne and his company “The Post House“.
As an avid video professional, who’s been doing commercial video work for over 20 years, Don Byrne was our first choice in helping us get customer videos online.

The web is a fantastic place to show video. As a joint venture, JB Systems and The Post House have invested in a dedicated online video server – allowing a separate machine to handle our video files and thus offering more speed and bandwidth for their delivery on your next website. Check back soon for special packages good through December 31, 2009 with valuable savings on website and video projects.

To learn more about JB Systems and The Post House, see our video below:

RainMaster Lawn – 2.0

JB Systems is proud to announce the launch of RainMaster Lawn Systems’ brand new website!
This project has allowed JB Systems to showcase our talents – in graphic design, website programming, and e-commerce! Below are some features to check out:

At JB Systems, we’re proud of our end-products that can look and operate just like this one. Totally custom, no templates, and no boxes to fit in. Just straight up – unadulterated – web design and programming. Thanks again RainMaster – and we look forward to working with you for a long time!

Website Browser Updates

Website Browser Updates

Attention: There are now new updates to Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, and Safari 4 that can change the way your website looks, works, and functions. It is important to keep your website compliant with all new browser updates. If you do not, it can adversely effect what your website visitors see when they view your site. It can also impede certain aspects of web applications and videos. Below are some of the new features that can effect your website.

What We Will Do

  1. Test your website to ensure it looks good and operates correctly in these new browsers.
  2. If errors exist, we will document them and correct them.
  3. We will send you a report of our findings.
  4. We will give you peace of mind that your website works with these new browsers.

New Website Browser Features

Internet Explorer

Tables created with CSS rules will nest elements to become valid, whereas tables created with HTML will close containers to avoid unexpected nesting.


Firefox now supports cross-site XMLHttpRequests, making web applications able to access material from other servers.


CSS Effects allow developers to style images and photos with gradients, precise masks, and reflections.

If you wish to have this update made, please return JB Systems, LLC at 715.830.9375 today. Customers will be assessed a one hour ($75) fee for this update. Maintenance Plus customers will receive this update for FREE. Updates are scheduled to start September 15, 2009.

SEO Helpful Hint – Week #6

Once again it is time for your weekly SEO Helpful Hint!

Did you know? A website MUST have at least one incoming link (aka back link) from some other website, that Google already knows of, to REMAIN in the search engine’s index. More to follow next week…

Your Team at JB Systems, LLC

SEO Helpful Hint – Week #5

Once again it is time for your weekly SEO Helpful Hint!

One important part of good Search Engine Optimization is to have backlinks (other websites that link to your website). However, did you know that the higher your website is listed on the referrer page the better it is for your site? Also, a backlink is more valuable if there are few other outgoing links on that page. More to follow next week…

Your Team at JB Systems, LLC

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