Using Creative Branding to set our Clients Apart, Solving Complex Issues

Using Creative Branding to set our Clients Apart, Solving Complex Issues

Though many people are familiar with JB Systems’ ability to create responsive, custom websites, few people know that our graphic design team also creates some powerful brands and identities for our clients. What’s exciting about designing a new brand is that, much like with a new website, we get to help our clients get a more consistent, professional identity for their business. Branding (or re-branding) is a chance for clients to show their client base how they’re evolving. It’s incredibly rewarding for JB Systems to be part of that process.

Branding takes many forms, such as a new logo design, changing the colors of an existing logo, updating a slogan, and more. At JB Systems, we recently had the opportunity to help the Eau Claire Police Department re-brand themselves by creating a new logo.

On Tuesday, August 18th, some of our team members were in attendance at Phoenix Park in Eau Claire, Wisconsin as Police Chief Gerald Staniszewski unveiled the logo on two new police vehicles, along with another vehicle read more…

JB Systems—Investing in Our Team so We Can Invest in You

JB Systems—Investing in Our Team so We Can Invest in You

At JB Systems, we’re constantly working in overdrive to create the best custom websites that we can for our clients. Whether it’s researching the latest design trends or developing web solutions to make visitor experience extraordinary, our team doesn’t stop at “good enough.”

This drive to always improve leads us to being very goal-oriented. While we all have individual goals, JB Systems always has goals that we work toward as a team. Although we work hard day in and day out, we also take time to celebrate when we reach these goals as a team.

This is exactly what we did back in June, when we closed the office for the day and took to Lake Pepin for a day of sailing. The JB Systems team broke out into two smaller groups and learned how to sail. We also learned that teamwork and solid communication are crucial in order to have a read more…

JB Systems– Dedicated to Our Business AND Our Community

JB Systems– Dedicated to Our Business AND Our Community

At JB Systems, we believe in giving back to a community that gives us so much. We’re fortunate to live in a community that values the idea of supporting local businesses. We’re lucky to have the campus communities of UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout and Chippewa Valley Technical College nearby so that we can add great, quality graduates to our team. And, anyone who’s worked with us understands our love for coffee, so we’re pretty fortunate to have some great coffee shops in the area, too.

In other words, we’re very grateful for Eau Claire, WI and the greater Chippewa Valley community that shows us support. That’s why JB Systems believes in being community-focused and giving back when we can.

We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer at two events in the past month that we’re always excited to be part of.

One of those events was Eau Claire’s annual “Our Spring Clean Up” that took place on May 16th. Our team members joined some of our fellow local businesses in cleaning up the sidewalks and streets of Eau Claire near our company’s location. With about 300 volunteers participating in the event, it’s great to see everyone in the community supporting one another, as well as supporting the growth and upkeep of our town. It reassures us that our business is located in a place that values the word community and the ideas of supporting read more…

GDUSA Recognizes JB Systems’ Custom Web Designs

GDUSA Recognizes JB Systems’ Custom Web Designs

JB Systems is pleased to announce that, for the fourth consecutive year, we have been selected as a winner in Graphic Design USA‘s (GDUSA) 2015 American Web Design Awards. The purpose of the American Web Design Awards, as stated by GDUSA, is to “showcase the power of design in enhancing websites and online communications.” GDUSA was founded in 1963, and is committed to being the leading magazine for creative professionals.

We are beyond excited to accept these awards. It reassures us that we are meeting our goal of providing the best services possible to our clients, and it encourages us to stay creative and innovative in our website designs.

Our designers understand that you have just three seconds to wow any visitor who comes to your website. That’s why it’s crucial to have a design that’s functional and beautiful, in order to keep them from closing their browser on your site. With JB Systems, you can get a custom website that is functional and beautifully designed so that visitors will browse your website and learn more about your company. In fact, we’ll design a website read more…

Creating Engaging Content for Your Visitors

It’s important for companies to have visually appealing and easy to navigate websites. Having a chaotic

and messy website will turn away visitors and potential customers, and in turn, your company may lose revenue. Building a custom website can be expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment to create a unique experience for site visitors that’s built to meet the needs of your company and your clients.

Having an aesthetically pleasing website isn’t enough, though. If your website doesn’t encourage visitor engagement, then you still won’t see results. Website Magazine agrees with this train of thought, too. You can have all of the most important information written on your site, but if it doesn’t engage your visitors, then the quality of the information almost doesn’t matter.

This begs the question– how do I create engaging content?

There are a variety of ways you can engage viewers on your website. Here are a few:

Use video. Maybe you can create a “How To” video, demonstrating how your product or service works. Maybe you can create a brief, humorous ad that will make your visitors laugh. Whatever it may be, a good, quality video, will encourage visitors to engage with your product or service read more…
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