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Hello all!

It has come to our attention over the holidays that many people wish to setup Auto-Responders for their email addresses since most of us our taking Thursday and Friday off. Here’s what you need to do at JB Systems to setup your Auto-Responder:

  • Log Into Your Webmail Account
    • If you’re NOT on our new mail server yet, visit the address:
    • If you ARE on our new email server, visit the address:
  • Once logged in, click on the “Auto Responders” icon (middle of the screen, below “Squirrel Mail”)
  • Click on the “Add Autoresponder” button.
  • Fill out the “From” field (ex. JB Systems Front Desk). This should NOT be an email address.
  • Fill in the “Subject” field (ex. Merry Christmas – We’re Gone Through the 1st)
  • Fill in the “Body” field. Keep it short, but let people know you’re out of the office and will get back to them shortly.
  • Click on the “Create / Modify” button and you’re set.

On the Auto-Responder screen, you’ll see your new Auto-Responder listed. When you no longer need the responder set up, simply click on the  button next to it.

That’s all for now! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Your team at JB Systems.

Our Newest Concept – JB Labs


JB Systems is proud to announce our newest concept, JB Labs. From seminar websites to home builder websites, and from web applications used state-wide by over 50 individuals and custom apps used by 20+ million dollar companies – the programming team at JB Systems is a force to be reckoned with. With over 15 years of combined experience, there’s not a whole lot we can’t do. It is this department that has made
JB Systems the place to go when all developers say “We Can’t”.

Our newest concept, JB Labs, is open for suggestions. Do you have an idea for your website that others have said, “Nope – we can’t do that?” It is the mission of JB Labs to continually develop and push the bar forward for website technologies in the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas. Stay tuned for updates on The JB Labs, as well as postings about new tools, experiments, and technology updates for our websites.

New Service – Linux Administration


Over the past eight years, JB Systems has been building the core of our business around Linux – an operating system just like Mac OS X and Windows. In 2008, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that over 60% of all webservers globally were Linux-run.

Linux is known for its stability (unlike other operating systems out there, eh hem) and has been the mainstay platform of not only our webservers, but also our dedicated email and database servers. We are qualified to maintain RedHat and CentOS distributions of Linux and use them on a daily basis.

Starting in January 2010 – JB Systems is offering a dedicated server administration service – allowing clients to have JB Systems manage a dedicated Linux server to support their internal email, file sharing, and web-application needs.

Do you have an old LAMP project that needs support?

JB Systems has been chosen by numerous companies to “adopt” their LAMP-based web application built in the past and to continue supporting it, if not upgrading it altogether. Contact us today if you think you may benefit from this service.

New Email Server Instructions

For the past 6 months, the JB Labs have been experimenting with our new dedicated email server and testing it out with a few of our clients. We’re happy to report it is live and running!

If you have not been contacted already, we will be doing so within the next month or so to migrate your accounts over. Why you may ask?

There are several reasons:

  • A dedicated machine for email means faster websites (since the machines aren’t processing email)
  • Faster webmail response times
  • Quicker backups of all of our accounts (both your website and email are STILL backed up however)
  • Upgraded Anti-Spam Software (we’ve got some kickin’ anti-spam software installed on this one)
  • Flexibility of a clustered system (if web server goes down, your email will still operate)

Setup Instructions
(only perform AFTER JB Systems has migrated your accounts)

If you are using an email client (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail), please
follow this quick set of instructions on getting your new email accounts up-and-running:

  1. Set Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Addresses to “” (obviously replace with the real domain name of your site)
  2. Set the username to your full email address (ex.
  3. Set the password to your password (call us if you need it reset)
  4. In the Outgoing Server settings, check the box that states “My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication”
  5. Then check the radio button that states “Use same settings as incoming server”
  6. In the Advanced Settings tab – change the Outgoing Mail Server port to 587

That’s it!! Make sure to send a test message just to make sure all of the settings are correct.

To access your email through the web (Webmail) – simply go to the following address: (again, replace the with your real domain name).
Make sure to use your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS as the username.

That’s all folks – we hope you enjoy using the email services housed on the most powerful server in our JB Systems collection.

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